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We are actively buying paintings, watercolors, drawings and original lithographs by Miguel Covarrubias.

Artwork by Miguel Covarrubias

The George Belcher Gallery is seeking to purchase paintings, watercolors, drawings and original lithographs by the Mexican artist, Miguel Covarrubias. We are especially interested in Balinese subjects by Covarrubias.

If you are interested in selling any original art by Miguel Covarrubias, please contact us at or 415.668.1239

Born in Mexico City in 1904, Miguel Covarrubias was an exceptional illustrator and painter with keen interests in archaeology, anthropology and ethnology.

Miguel Covarrubias and his wife Rosa traveled twice to Bali in 1930 and in 1933, living there each time for extended periods of time. In 1937, Covarrubias published his Island of Bali, a detailed description of Balinese life, art, dance, religion and history, a book beautifully illustrated by Covarrubias' drawings and paintings and by wonderful photographs taken by Rosa Covarrubias. Miguel Covarrubias was not only a brilliant artist, but also a 20th century pioneer in the fields of anthropology and archaeology. He died in February, 1957.

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